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Artisan Panini, Catering & Italian Specialties

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Enzina Pizzeria

Italian Pizzeria, Featuring Comfort Italian Food

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Enzina Bakery

Family-run, Traditional Italian Bakery

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About Maoine Food

In 1979, Domenico Maione & his lovely wife Enza Maione moved from Naples (Italy) to follow the America Dream and open a small bakery in Waltham (MA), together with the daughter Sandra and the son Ciro. When Ciro turned 18 he decided to follow his father lead and transform the small bakery in a full catering bakery with such of extravagant and modern items then bring Domenic’s to be the legendary hot spot in the area. Ciro expend the company in a multilocations with Pizzeria, Bakery, Catering and Café, all strong Italian inspired because “ITALIAN DO IT BETTER”.

Chef Giulio Fulgenzi is the Food & Beverage director of the operation. He proudly works close to the Maione family to bring to the Boston area all the knowledge he has with his background then go from pizzerias to Michelin star restaurants on 2 continents. With the help of our amazing team and our managers we enjoy bringing the best food on the market with great customer service.